5 Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2021

March 29, 2021

Dreaming of a toes in the sand rum in your hand vacation? Here are 5 Caribbean Islands that you can Visit in 2021!!

I don’t know about you, but around this time of year, I’m ready to drop all of the responsibilities of day-to-day life for some fun in the sun!

When I think about a fun, laid back, sand in my toes vacation, traveling to the Caribbean Islands immediately comes to mind!

The Caribbean Islands have everything to offer from great food & drink to culture, resorts, and so much more!

Do you have your heart set on a Caribbean vacation, but note sure how to choose between all of the islands, what they each have to offer, all while steering clear of tourist traps?

Whether you are looking for an amazing location for your honeymoon, destination wedding, or a spot for your family vacation, here are the 5 islands I recommend traveling to in the Caribbean!

Worried about current CDC restrictions for visiting each island? You can still travel to the Caribbean Islands in 2021 but please check with me for full details!

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island full of nature’s wonders!

Even driving down the roads in Saint Lucia is an experience! You can turn a sharp corner and bet with a rainbow hovering over the top of a flamboyant tree (also known as royal poinciana).

Thinking about doing some diving while in Saint Lucia? Soufrière Bay at the base of Petit Piton is a spectacular location!

On a calm day, you’ll experience a mirror reflection of the piton rising straight up from the ocean!

Coral juts out at you from the water below, the same way the flamboyant trees do on land!

At Latille Falls, Selai, you’ll find a Rastaman who has tended the garden around the waterfall for more than 20 years! 

He offers travelers a fish pedicure that’s more like fish tickling your feet! A quick and easy way to forget your worries, because you’ll have no choice but to laugh. 

A local spot you have to check out is Gros Islet’s Irie Bar, 

where Andy, the owner, serves cold beers and rum with fish from his daily catch!! It’s usually served up with a side of soothing reggae playing in the background.

A quick tip when flying off the island! Check-in three hours prior to departure, which is suggested, but not necessary, because the airport is never that busy!

Then head back out to Island Breeze Bar & Grill on Vieux Fort’s Sandy Beach, which is literally across from the airport!

It’s better than an airport lounge and you can sit and enjoy a Piton beer or two

Saint Lucia has an amazing all-inclusive wellness resort, great secluded beach resorts, fantastic romantic resorts!

Do you have your heart set on traveling to Saint Lucia? For family vacations and destination weddings, I always recommend all-inclusive resorts. For honeymoons in Saint Lucia, I recommend 5 star resorts, and I know of some amazing ones!

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Saint Bart’s

Arriving on the island of Saint Barts feels like immediately being immersed in nothing but good vibrations!

A great thing about being a tourist at Saint Bart’s? No one will try to sell you anything.

Traveling to Saint Bart’s is a feeling of freedom like no other! 

The gorgeous landscapes, the brightness, the cleanliness, and the absence of car horns!

There is a small market in Lorient known for its fruits and vegetables from the neighboring islands. The smell in the market of freshly picked tropical fruit combined with the market’s spices is like no other, it’s a must-do when traveling to Saint Bart’s!

Local fishermen sell their catches at the market on Gustavia. This is where you’re likely to run into anyone from Jimmy Buffett to Roman Abramovich to a local nurse, its a see and be seen kind of place! 

One of Saint Bart’s biggest events of the year is the St Barths’s Bucket Regatta, which is held annually in March. 

This megayacht race is a sight to be seen and rivals the America’s Cup. 

Saint Bart’s beaches are all just as fantastic as the next, it’s impossible to pick just one!

Thinking about staying in Saint Bart’s, you have your choice between booking a villa or staying at a resort!

U.S. Virgin Islands

Do you love going diving or snorkeling while on vacation? The waters directly surrounding the U.S. Virgin Islands are packed with ancient coral reefs that have been growing steadily for centuries!!! 

The waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands are also packed with giant granite boulders and from the tunnel and canyon formations to the multiple shipwrecks.

It is truly something to see!

Marine life is pretty similar across the Caribbean but there exists more diversity in diving sites around Saint Thomas.

The waters of Saint Thomas are home to large schools of silversides blanket during the summer. 

Planning on boating or cruising past Saint Thomas’ neighboring islands?

You’ll get an eye full of jacks, bonitos, tarpon, and other predators feasting on these tiny fish!!

If you are hoping for a beach swim beside some sea turtles, Saint John has many beautiful beaches in store for you!

After a long day at the beaches, take the gondola to Paradise Point and enjoy the most amazing view of the city and the harbor!!

U.S. travelers heading to the U.S. Virgin Islands currently do not have to present a negative Covid-19 test in order to return to the mainland U.S.

Scroll all the way down to read the top 5 Caribbean Islands to visit in 2021!

5 Caribbean Islands to visit in 2021, Caribbean Vacation 2021, 5 Caribbean Islands to visit during COVID, Scenic Way Travel

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a great honeymoon destination and great for a family vacation!

The most developed island on Turks and Caicos is Providenciales, and that’s where you want to stay!

Looking for a gorgeous beach equipped with a rum bar? You’ll want to check out Da Conch Shack, located in beautiful Blue Hills, in Providenciales

I highly recommend dining with your toes in the sand while sipping on the “Jan” rum punch at least once in your life!

Turks and Caicos is most known for its world-famous beaches.

Travelers often frequent Grace Bay Beach for its shopping, restaurants, bars, and pristine beach.

The waters of Grace Bay are the bluest, most calm, you will ever experience!

Long Bay Beach is a popular beach for its surfers and known for its windy terrain. Long Bay Beach is perfect for kite surfers!

Sapodilla Beach, on the Caribbean side, has powdery white sand and calm waters which are perfect if you want to set off on a Jet Ski.

If you love water sports you’ll find everything from parasailing to deep-sea fishing, diving, or even chartering a yacht to hop from island to island!

5 Caribbean Islands to visit in 2021, Caribbean Vacation 2021, 5 Caribbean Islands to visit during COVID, Scenic Way Travel

Dominican Republic

The culture of the Dominican Republic citizen’s heritage distinguishes their melodious music and delicious food.

Dancing and music are such big influences on the culture of the Dominican Republic 

Santo Domingo’s live scene is centered around the Zona Colonial’s bars and theaters.

Every Sunday at the historic Ruinas de San Francisco, the band Grupo Bonyé plays merengue, bachata, and son. 

People of all ages from different places gather around to enjoy the music.

The music is performed there every week and has been going on for more than 12 years!

Sharing a happy yet festive vibe for all to enjoy!

La Espiral 313 celebrates Dominican Republic roots music, which came from Africa and became our folkloric music. 

Outside of Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros is the second most important city of the Dominican Republic.

Santiago de los Caballeros is well known for merengue típico, the oldest style of the rhythm, and is home to some of merengue típico’s most talented musicians!

The Dominican Republic’s beautiful beaches are host to many amazing resorts including all-inclusive, large and small. 

The Dominican Republic is a very popular location for Destination Weddings!

Want to learn even more about traveling to the Dominican Republic? Click here to read my ‘Your Complete Travel Guide to the Dominical Republic!!

5 Caribbean Islands to visit in 2021, Caribbean Vacation 2021, 5 Caribbean Islands to visit during COVID, Scenic Way Travel


Last but certainly not least in our top 5 Caribbean Islands to visit in 2021 is Anguilla!!

Anguilla is perfect for honeymoons and family vacations!

Something really special about Anguilla is the sense of close-knit community that its 15,000 citizens share. It’s an island where everybody knows everybody.

Anguilla brings with it a stunning and beautiful marine environment. The beaches of Anguilla get a nice sea breeze nearly year-round!

Anguilla’s national sport of boat racing was born out of poverty. 

The country lacked arable soil and was never able to create a  successful plantation economy, so the island relied more on the sea for its resources.

As a result of relying on the sea for their economy, Anguilla has a remarkable marine heritage and a competitive edge when it comes to sailing.

If two boats pull up alongside one another off the coast of Anguilla, you can bet that they will end up in a race!

On Anguilla Day, which is May 30, you can witness competitive races around the island!

Planning a stay in Anguilla around May 30th? Stay on Sand Ground, which is the best viewing area for the big finish of the race!

Spectators line the beaches and cliffs for a bird’s-eye view over the harbor.

Not sure where to stay when visiting? The island is full of 5-star resorts!

Are you ready to book your vacation to the Caribbean Islands in 2021? Click the contact button and let’s match you with the perfect island!

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