Honeymoon Inspirations – How to Choose a Destination

February 22, 2019

Honeymoon Inspirations – How to choose a destination? I can help you choose the perfect destination based on your age, time of year, budget, and what level of activity you both enjoy. You both should love the place and what it has to offer. I’ve been booking honeymoons for a while now and I can say I know a thing or two.

Getting married is the most socially accepted reason in the world to ditch work and go on the longest, most splurge-iest trip ever! But before you dive headfirst into checking off items on your travel bucket list, take a few minutes to consider the practical stuff, because the trip of your dreams won’t just magically appear by itself. Lousy hotels, raining season and crowded destinations can significantly hamper a happy honeymoon, essentially flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

While I can’t read crystal balls or do a rain dance, I can assure you that proper planning will undoubtedly put odds in your favor of enjoying the getaway of your dreams.  That’s why I’m writing this list in hopes to send you in the right direction.

1- Hawaii

  • Highlights – Volcanoes, rainforests, protected parks, spectacular coral reefs, luaus, flower leis, gorgeous white, black and golden sand beaches, whale watching, mai-tais, helicopter rides, and fantastic scenic drive makes the Islands of Hawaii a honeymooner’s dream.
  • When to go – you can visit Hawaii all year-round, though the driest months with the calmest ocean conditions are May to October.
  • Humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters each year from November to May with the peak of the season being from January to March.
  • Maui is a top honeymoon destination, with breathtaking oceanfront hotels and lush tropical scenery.
  • I visited Maui last year to visit some hotels/ site inspections and I can’t wait to go back; There’s something special in Maui!
  • The best part about Hawaii…it’s in the United States! You don’t need a passport and they speak your language!

2- Italy

  •  Highlights – All the amazing museums with world-famous artworks in Florence and Rome, celebrated masterpieces, Renaissance streets are a spectacle in themselves, inspiring views, medieval towns, wine country, beautiful alfresco artworks, Rome is a paradise for Christians with all the churches and the Vatican or if you love history.
  • Enjoy the slow pace of Tuscany, small charming towns or the Northern lakes, and who knows you might get to see Clooney walking around Como;
  • Capri is a gorgeous island that I had the pleasure to visit and I highly recommend, they have the best fresh tomatoes you ever tasted and buffalo mozzarella to die for !!!
  • When to go –  It depends if you want to visit North or South. September to October for the grape harvest, thinner crowds, Mar-May is also great and not so hot yet, avoid Jun-Aug it’s the busiest and the hottest. But if you want to swim and enjoy the sea then June-Aug is the best time. Many hotels in coastal towns, as well as restaurants and shops, close for the season in Oct until April.
  •  Artistic treasures, romantic hideaways, and spectacular seascapes – this is the perfect marriage of culture, fine living beautiful scenery. You can’t go wrong with Italy, there’s something for everyone. Don’t get me started on the food! Italian food is the best!


3- Costa Rica 

  • Highlights – Costa Rica feels like a natural theme park with raging rivers, spectacular waterfalls, active volcanoes, jungle zip-lining, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, rainforests, colorful frogs, cute monkeys, coffee plantations.
  • When to go – Dec-April is the driest and peak season; May-Aug is the busiest; Raining season from April to December.
  • A combination of a beach resort and a rainforest resort makes a wonderful honeymoon. You can have both worlds! The relaxing beach getaway and the jungle adventure.

4- Bali & Lombok, Indonesia

  • Highlights – white-sand perfection on Gili Island, turquoise waters, explore ornate, crumbling Hindu temples, art galleries, volcanoes, Ubud’s cultural highlights, diving, snorkel, monkey forest, rice fields, Balinese dance performances;
  • When to go – April to October to dodge the wet season but June is the best because the weather is dry and not too hot. June is before school holidays, so the crowds don’t show up until July and prices are low. July and August are the busiest season; The rain season can ruin your stay.
  • A combination of cultural and beach relaxation;
  • Even though Bali is largely Hindu, across most of Indonesia Ramadan can affect travel, with possible delays during Ramadan and big crowds at the end.

5 – Athens & Santorini, Greece

  • Highlights – Athens if you appreciate history and Santorini for unfettered romance, sublime sunsets, Santorini’s the sort of spot that might move you to marriage in the first place, it oozes romance, pretty white houses tumbling down a part-sunken caldera.
  • I book many honeymoons to Greece;
  • When to go – Greece is a hot destination right now, it’s always busy but the busiest is June-Aug. The best time I would say is April, May or early October.

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6- French Polynesia – Tahiti and The Society Islands in the South Pacific

  • The Society Islands include Bora Bora and Mo’orea and they are the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen! I was just there in January;
  • You can enjoy a cruise and see many islands;
  • I just came back from a 5-star cruise from Tahiti to the Society Islands and it was amazing;
  • Pick one or two islands and choose one of the gorgeous over-the-water-bungalows to stay;
  • The weather is great, it’s pretty much summer year-round;  The best time to visit Tahiti is between May and October. Although the temperatures are balmy year-round, Tahiti’s winter season enjoys less humidity. Tahiti only experiences two distinct seasons: Winter brings less rain and pleasant temperatures while the summertime – November through April – can be hot and humid, not to mention rainy.
  • I was there in January and it only rained once for 30 min;
  • You can choose to lay by a different crystal water beach every day or be very active: hiking, diving, snorkeling, swimming with sharks and stingrays ( I did it !), ATV adventures, visit sacred sites, vanilla, and black pearl farms, aquaplane tours, blue lagoon excursions, Tahitian dance classes, Tahitian shows, learn to make fresh flower leis and more.

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Of course, there are many more destinations you can pick from to go on your honeymoon and I can help you decide based on your budget, how many days, age and activities you both enjoy. So please contact me with any questions and we can start planning your dream honeymoon!

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