Oh My! Occasions Florida Wedding Planner Spotlight

March 3, 2020

Oh My! Occasions Florida Wedding Planner Spotlight

Scenic Way Travel, a luxury travel advisor, is devoted to recommending trusted wedding vendors to our brides and grooms.

With that in mind, we are rolling out a new blog series!

Once per month, Scenic Way Travel will feature one trusted vendor in our local wedding industry community to answer all of your hard-hitting, wedding planning questions!

Our series kicks off with Amber of Oh My! Occasions. 

Amber is a Florida based wedding planner who I have worked with very closely. Many of Amber’s couples have planned their dream honeymoons with Scenic Way Travel.

I trust in the level of service that Amber and the team at Oh My! Occasions brings to each event that they plan. Their services are always at the top of my recommendations list! Amber’s level of professionalism is only rivaled by her special attention to detail. 

Amber is a wedding professional who puts 100% of her energy into her client’s wedding day, to make it an unforgettable experience.

The following blog post is an informative read and includes the information that you should look for when hiring a wedding planner.

First things first, when looking for the perfect wedding planner to hire for your big day, being able to connect with them, is a must!

This is an individual you are trusting to understand your entire vision and to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your wedding.

Undoubtedly, there are many talented wedding planners that you may find online or from personal recommendations.

The key to knowing which planner is best for you is by asking the right questions.

Oh My! Occasions recommend a phone call or video session to meet your planner. Having a virtual meeting is a great way to vet the planner prior to booking.

Ready to set up your first meeting? First, ask the planner is they are available for chosen your wedding date. If they are, here are some recommended to have your planner address.

Oh My! Occasions, Scenic Way Travel,

1) How long have you been working as a wedding planner or in the event industry?

You should be able to gauge the planner’s knowledge or experience planning weddings by the length of time and past jobs within the industry. 

Just because a planner may have just started their company, doesn’t necessarily make them a “bad” choice.

It may mean you’re able to book their service at a steal of a price, and that they may have more availability than another planner with a full book of clients. 

If your venue is one that requires more attention than a standard venue, such as a private island, residence or a “blank space” venue where even lighting and kitchen equipment need to be brought in, you’ll want a highly experienced planner who is capable of dealing with such elaborate logistics and mechanics.

2) As a follow up to No. 1, have your planner detail how they got into the business

Some planners may have hotel experience, a hospitality degree, or maybe even wedding planner certification.

Based on their road to become a wedding planner, you’ll be able to see who truly has a passion for what they do and who may be doing this as more of a hobby (which will tie back to several of the points below!)

3) Ask your planner or coordinator about the services, packages, or collections they offer.

Every. Single. Planner. will provide you with a different experience that may include a variety of services.

Do you need someone to help you find a venue?

Maybe you are looking for design assistance. Perhaps you just need someone to touch-based with your vendors and assist you in the final month of planning.

Be sure to vocalize how a planner can help you most. This will help you determine which of their services meet your needs.

Once you have an idea of what package provides everything you need, you can discuss price. An extremely important point to understand is that each planner is at a different price bracket, and with good reason! Their experience, their vendor relationships, their item inventory, their knowledge, all factors into their pricing.

4) What is NOT included in your services?

Understand what items may be subject to an a la carte price, or what your planner can not do.

Are they able to display your cake knives and champagne flutes? Do they charge extra for a wedding that goes past midnight?

5) Does your planner have a team? Will they personally be there for your wedding? For how long?

Nitty-gritty details including your total guest count and venue location(s), may determine if the person that you’re speaking with will be at your wedding, and if so, whether or not assistants will be included.

For your end, you should clearly communicate all of your event details with the planner. This will allow them to inform you of who will actually be there, and for what duration of time.

6) If you need help with budget management, see if this is a service your planner offers.

Weddings are an investment! Your planner should understand and respect that. A wedding planner with a firm grasp on budgeting will be able to help you allocate your budget to areas that matter most.

7) Does your planner have a preferred vendor list?

If you need minor or major assistance in selecting the team for your special day, see if your planner can suggest reputable vendors for you.

It’s equally important to ask your planner if they receive a commission from these preferred vendors (which may make their suggestions biased).

Also, ask how the planner how they established their preferred vendor list, i.e. have they worked with these vendors before?

8) Can your planner help you with your timeline, vendor management, and floor plan?

These are the most crucial details of your wedding day.

Your planner should be experienced in creating timelines, venue layouts, and overseeing your multiple vendors.

Another key point is to make sure that everything has been detailed in your contracts.

This is a great way to make sure that all items are accounted for upon arrival.

Here are a few more in-depth questions to ask your planner:

  • How many weddings does your planner work on each year?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Does your planner handle last-minute changes, how?
  • How are payments processed?
  • Do you attend meetings with us?
  • What makes your business or experience unique?

The very best wedding planner will always have your best interest in mind. 

Oh My! Occasions’ aim is to embrace the couple’s unique story and bring their vision to life.

It’s important that your planner is interested & invested in your happiness!

To get in touch with Amber and her team at Oh My! Occasions you can contact her >> here << or see some of her work on >> Instagram << !!

Ready to start planning the honeymoon of a lifetime? Get in touch with Lilian of Scenic Way Travel >> here <<!!







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