South African Safari

November 5, 2019

I was personally invited to join a South African Safari study tour for travel agents!

In order to learn more about this gorgeous country, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!

My couples are always looking for a unique honeymoon experience. I was very excited to see what a South Africa Safari Honeymoon might have in store for them as well!

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This trip was to be one of the longest that I have ever taken for my job! The entire length of the trip was 2 weeks long and set up on a pretty tight schedule.

The first half of my days in South Africa were spent in morning classes. I used my afternoons to check out some of the best hotels and resorts that South Africa has to offer!

Franschoek, South Africa

My very first morning in South Africa was in Franschhoek, and it was absolutely magical! I arrived at night so I wasn’t able to see how beautiful this town truly was until the next morning when the sun rose.

Franschhoek is located in the Western Cape of South Africa and has one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

Wine, gorgeous mountains, and its world-renowned wine vineyards, Franschhoek is a very desirable destination for American honeymooners that are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Franschhoek is as picturesque as a small town can get. It is well known around the globe for its distinguished and acclaimed wine valleys!

Did you know that South Africa produces some of the best wines in the world?

We rode aboard the famous Franschoek Wine Train to a beautiful vineyard where we treated to and enjoyed delectable wine tastings.

The train ride was the perfect way to take in all of the scenic, picturesque views of the remarkable vineyards.

The Franschhoek Wine Train was by far one of the best ways to experience all that South Africa’s vineyards have to offer!

If you decide instead to travel by car, Franschhoek is 90 minutes away from Cape Town.

Cape Town is another gorgeous city, but much larger than Franschhoek.

Belmond Mount Nelson

Upon leaving Franschhoek, we then headed to Cape Town, where we stayed at the beautiful Belmond Mount Nelson.

The Belmond Mount Nelson has the best Afternoon Teatime Service in town.

Another great activity if you are planning on visiting Cape Town, is to ride the cable car to the top of Table Mountain (the Northern end). Where you can enjoy an amazing view overlooking the whole town!

Cape of Good Hope South Africa, Headland in South Africa, Luxury Travel Planner

The day after our travels via the Franschhoek Wine Train, we went to the famous Penguin Beach, also known as Boulders Beach Penguin Colony!

As you can imagine it was filled with lots of cute penguins and they were just roaming freely along the beach.

They were so adorable and being able to see them up close walking along the shore of the beach was so cool!

For our next stop, we visited Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, located at the Southern end of Cape Peninsula. The Southern end of Cape Peninsula is known for its spectacular scenery with a rocky coastline that boasts photographic views!

My favorite day trip of all was the spent at Hermanus Beach!

Hermanus Beach is a seaside town located to the southeast of Cape Town.  Hermanus Beach is best known as a renowned whale-watching destination!

The whales begin to arrive at the end of May. If you are planning a trip to South Africa between the months of June – December, you can add whale watching to your list of must-do activities!

The beach is gorgeously stunning and also boasts a scenic rocky terrain.

After seven days of morning classes and afternoon site inspections, It was time to get ready for my very first safari!

I was so excited for this portion of the trip but I had no idea what to expect! I can tell you that the safari did not disappoint one bit!!

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South African Safari, South African Honeymoon, The Big 5, Luxury Travel Planner

My safari experience took place in the Kruger National Park. One of the best places to spot the most wild animals living in South Africa.

I was able to go on both sunrise and sunset game drives through the wild and it was nothing short of magical.

Our Safari was an intimate group of 6 travelers along with our personal guide and tracker.

There was absolutely no one else in sight! No city lights, no car horns, no noise. The peace and quiet along with the intimate size of our group made this experience that much more memorable.

It’s also very romantic to go on Safari in Kruger National Park in the afternoon, right at sunset!

I secretly wished my hubby was there with me to enjoy the moment.

The Safari Experience

We were able to spot a gorgeous giraffe right in front of us. We also spotted three lions laying on the road next to each other! Our tracker informed us that they were a mama lion, a papa lion, and their cub. As the sun began to set, we stopped at a scenic area.

Once there, our guide set up a table with wine & appetizers so that we could sit for a moment to unwind. We basked in the gorgeous views of the sunset and enjoyed the moment, it was amazing!

It is the perfect way for a couple on honeymoon to add in a bit of romance to their Safari at Kruger National Park.

During our 3-day safari, we were also lucky enough to spot The Big 5! In South Africa, The Big 5 animals to spot on a safari are Lions, Leopards, Rhinoceros’s, Elephants, and Cape Buffalos.

Spotting the Big 5 on a safari is high on every traveler’s priority list! It is such a rare and wonderful opportunity!

Throughout our entire 2 week stay in South Africa, I was able to inspect 30 different resorts.

I was also visited plenty of restaurants with the locals (South Africans are very friendly, welcoming and open to conversations!) and enjoyed many tours!

The resorts that we stayed at were just amazing!

At our resort, we were able to watch hippos swimming while we ate lunch outdoors! We viewed the animals freely roaming while we relaxed by the pool.

This trip was an unforgettable experience, I plan on going back and bringing along and my hubby and kids!!

Lilian’s Personal Travel Tip:

Thinking of planning a South African Honeymoon Safari? I would recommend a South African Honeymoon Safari without a doubt to any of my couples!

If you are a lover of nature, wild animals, breathtaking peaceful landscapes, remarkable wineries, and fabulous food, this is the perfect trip for you!!

I highly recommend reserving a stay of at least 2 weeks for this once in a lifetime trip. This will allow time to visit different parts of the country as well.

Curious to know when the best time of year is to plan a South African Honeymoon Safari?  >> Contact me and together we can plan a ‘wild’ honeymoon! <<

As part of my Study tour, hotel stays & tours were complimentary and provided by Follow me to Africa Tour, all opinions expressed are my own







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