The Benefits of Working with a Travel Agent

December 5, 2019

Wondering if there are any benefits of working with a travel agent to plan your honeymoon or your next big adventure?  

I am breaking down my step by step process as a luxury travel agent, in this post!

Hi, I’m Lilian Mills, and I’m the Travel Agent who’s going to eliminate your travel stress!

If you’ve ever tried to plan a trip on your own, then you know that the internet is full of endless options. Endless options can cause confusion and overcomplicate things for something that should be enjoyable and relaxing.

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I simplify your travel options for you!

Every day I assist couples plan the most important trip of their lives…their honeymoon!  Often times, soon to be newlywed couples are busy or stressed out planning their wedding. Reinvigorating this special time in their lives by planning the trip of a lifetime helps alleviate their stresses.

I also help families plan unforgettable vacations of a lifetime, by caring for every detail of their trip. Working with families to help them customize the perfect trip, I set out to match their trip to their interests and travel style.

But what exactly is the benefit of working with a travel agent? 

I’m going to give you an insiders look of the 5 key points of the vacation-planning process that I use with my clients!

Discovering Your Trip

When my clients first contact me, I send them my travel questionnaire. This helps me learn more about them, as well as any other travelers that might be in their party.

Then we schedule a phone call to talk more about their travel style:

What type of hotels do they enjoy?

What’s the most important part of a trip for them?

Do they have any big dreams for this trip?

What types of hobbies or leisure activities do they enjoy?

Of all the trips they have taken in the past, which one was the best and why?

These are just a few of the key points that we touch on during our first discussion. The questionnaire paired with our discussion helps us get to know each other and I gain an in-depth understanding of their vision.

In total, the discovery process generally takes 15 to 30 minutes. At the end of discovering your trip, we will both have a great understanding of how to best work together. 

From there, we then move along to the design phase!

Designing Your Trip

This is where you get the most benefits of working with a travel agent, and it makes all the difference!

What will this trip look like? Will it be simple? Is it a stop at a fabulous hotel in a breathtaking location with instant VIP treatment?

Or, will it be a more complex trip that requires planes, trains, automobiles and everything in-between?!

Will you need a tour guide,  a car, or neither?

My profession connects me with people in every corner of the globe. The connections I have made in my industry guarantee access to some of the best tours, hotels, and VIP experiences around the world, which I then pass on to my clients!

These connections ensure that I find an amazing tour guide for you that can also tell you about the delicious local eats, or a tour guide that can give you the details and specifics about the history of the location that you are visiting. I’ve been using the same tour guides or tour company and I know my clients will be in good hands when they’re overseas. Won’t need to stress or worry about if the guide or the driver taking you from Naples Airport to The Amalfi Coast will show up. We’ll go over all the details of your trip before you leave home to make sure everything goes smoothly once you’re there.

What about the perfect hotel?

Depending on the type of trip we are designing, I can find you a luxury hotel with a VIP Spa experience, the perfect beachfront or one that is walking distance to the historic part of town! If it’s a family vacation I’ll be sure to find a resort perfect for families with lots of children’s activities so parents can relax and enjoy the beach as well!

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Reserving Your Trip

After we have identified the right trip at the right price, the booking process begins!

This part of the process is where we get down to the three D’s, dates, details, and deadlines.

The benefit of working with a travel agent for this stage of your trip is that I eliminate the stress out of your travel planning. I care for every small or large detail so that you can relax and enjoy the fun of anticipation!

I personally provide you with a custom itinerary, all necessary travel documents, and other reference materials that will enrich your travel experience!

And You’re off!!

While you kick your feet up and take off on your dream adventure, I continue to work in the background on your behalf!

I connect with my colleagues who are on the other side of your trip taking care of you so that we can find ways to continue to make your journey special or smooth out any bumps in the road.

If you have any delays with flights, tours, ferries, etc, you just need to contact me and I’ll take care of the problem, you won’t have to stop having fun and be on the phone for hours with airlines, tour guides or ferry companies trying to fix the issue.


Welcome Home

Before “real” life takes over again and the memories of your journey fade, let’s have a quick welcome back discussion!

We will chat all about your experience!

We go over what you loved, what you might have changed, and things that we learned along the way. All of these key factors will be used to enhance your next adventure.

One of the things I love most about my profession as a travel agent is working with the same clients time and time again. My clients see the benefits of working with a travel agent and It fills me with joy that they continue to come back to me. Assisting them with planning their next vacation is just one part of the process, I am helping them create new life long memories.

I often hear the phrase “I’ll never book another trip on my own again!”

Click here to read more of what my previous clients have to say about my travel services!

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