Travel Gadgets, gifts, and clothing for 2021!

December 15, 2020

The 10 travel gadgets you need for 2021!

As a luxury travel advisor, I travel extensively for my job!

I am constantly on the go in order to do site inspections at resorts and locations, which allows me to make the best recommendations possible for my clients.

I love traveling but I don’t love flying! So, over the years, I’ve learned what works for me to make flying a luxurious experience. I’ve come to know the items that I won’t travel without and items that make a long-haul flight the most enjoyable!

I have rounded up 10 of my favorite travel gadgets for 2021!

I’m also including some of the best clothing and tools for you to shop for yourself or to give as gifts for the travel lover in your life!

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Scroll down to see my top 10 travel gadgets for 2021!

1) Noise-Canceling Headphone

This is so important, for the obvious reasons! You can listen to music, audiobooks, a favorite podcast, or watch a movie and not be disturbed by the airplane cabin pressure noises. But it also helps you fall asleep more easily when you block all the noises from the cabin (like a crying baby, or just someone snoring next to you!) I have the Sony ones and my husband has the >> Bose version.

2) An Oversized Shawl/Scarf

An oversized shawl or scarf is a great travel accessory because it can keep you warm & comfy during your flight. The airline usually provides a blanket for international flights but it’s never long enough for my whole body. The cashmere ones are really nice, and you can typically find them at Macy’s on sale! I bought mine for 70% off!

3) Comfortable Pants

Comfy pants really help me travel well on the long haul flights. I’m a jeans kind of girl so I used to travel in my jeans all the time, and I thought it was comfortable until I tried some jogger pants! What a game changer! So much more comfortable. I recommend you find your favorite cool looking jogger pants ASAP and never look back. There are some fashion forward style of jogger pants out there that don’t have the ‘pajama look to them. And for my male clients, I would absolutley recommend male jogger pants.

4) Pressure socks

I know I know I sound like an old lady, but pressure socks really help! I don’t know about you but every time I travel overseas I get swollen ankles and restless legs. And who wants to start their vacation off like that? But wearing these socks is an instant game changer! They make my legs feel great and I arrive at my destination well-rested.

5) Eye Mask

I don’t like an eye mask that touches my eyes or eyelashes. The one I’ve linked above works perfectly for me, and it keeps the lights out!

Keep scrolling to see the rest of my top 10 travel gadgets for 2021!

6) Extra Battery Charger

Although many airlines these days offer charging stations right on the seat, I like having extra charger packs! I need to take many pictures and videos during tours or a hotel site inspection so I like to have one just in case I run out of battery on my iPhone! During your trip If you rely on your phone for pictures & work emails bringing an extra battery is highly recommended! Especially when traveling overseas where it is hard to find a place to charge if you’re out and about. In Europe, South America, and the South Pacific you won’t find a Starbucks on every corner like in the USA.

7) International Power adaptor

Most countries use a different wall plug than the USA so I always travel with my adaptor. They’re very inexpensive if you buy them here in the states. If you forget to bring yours along with you, remember to ask the front desk at your hotel! Most 4 1/2 and 5-star hotels have them available for guests to borrow.

8) Comfy Shoes

These shoes are for the ladies! I’ve been very lucky with these Steve Maden’s slip-on (linked above), they are super comfy. These are my go-to traveling shoes! When I travel, I do a lot of hotel site inspections which requires that I walk all day. With these shoes, my feet never hurt at the end of the day!

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9) A Light & Easy to Maneuver Carry-on Luggage

I try very hard to only travel with a carry-on unless I’m going on a winter vacation. Make sure your carry-on is expandable, lightweight, and has a smooth spinner with 4 wheels. It makes a huge difference when you have connecting flights! My husband bought this >> Delsey a couple of years ago and I loved it so much that I went back and got one for myself! I also bought the larger luggage as well since it was on sale. Macy frequently has these listed at 60% off!

10) A Backpack That Doesn’t Hurt Your Back

I used to travel with a big purse on my shoulder, carrying my laptop, headphones, snacks, water, makeup bag, and everything else I needed for my flight. It was madness, it was never comfortable or easy. My husband travels with his Samsonite backpack that has many different pockets to keep you organized! This bag has a place for your laptop on the outside so it’s easy for you to grab without having to open the backpack. It also has a cushioned back and the shoulder straps are super comfortable! I never thought I would like a backpack, they are not really my style, but for my long-haul flights, I only travel with this backpack!

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Lilian’s Pro Travel Tip!

If you travel often I would highly recommend leaving all of your travel gadgets, items, and accessories inside your backpack or carry-on when you arrive home!! That way, it’ll always be ready to go for your next trip! That’s how I keep all of my items organized and prepared!

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Happy Traveling!







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