Travel to Maine During COVID-19

September 8, 2020

I’m sharing all of my travel trips from my recent trip to Maine during COVID-19 below!

Are you wondering how to safely travel during COVID-19 or even how you can travel at all?

If you want to travel right now but you aren’t feeling so sure about your decision to travel read on!!

Travel to Maine, Pandemic Travel, COVID Travel Restrictions

Making The Decision to Travel to Maine During COVID-19

I wanted to share my own personal travel experience with you today to show you that traveling right now is absolutely possible, even in the midst of a pandemic, if you are willing.

My family and I decided to travel in August. Of course, we had plenty of concerns that went into our decision to travel.

What if everything is closed? What if our vacation experience will be a “watered down” version of one we had previously hoped for? Will we have to wear a mask everywhere? And naturally, what if we get sick?

What about the state we are traveling to (Maine & Massachusetts) what are their expectations about travelers arriving into their state, do they require a negative COVID test?

There are so many ‘what-ifs’ about traveling as a family and they are all-natural and valid concerns.

After carefully weighing our options and having an open family discussion, we decided to vacation in Maine.

What About a Required Test?

The state of Maine did require a negative Covid19 test within 72 hours prior to our arrival, from everyone in our traveling party. 

Maine does not require a test for any residents of NY, CT, NH, and RI, but our family currently resides in Florida.

However, if you are looking to travel domestically, there are plenty of states that do not require the test.

My family and I all took the test because we were ready for a vacation and Maine, especially, has a special place in our hearts. 

**I should also note that our children are older so we did not have the added concern of taking a small child for a COVID test.**

My husband and I used to take our boys to Maine during the fall when they were little. We always had the most delightful time and made so many memories together

Also, we were celebrating our 25th anniversary so we wanted to travel to a place that was meaningful to all of us.

Flying to Maine During COVID-19

The flights were pretty uneventful and very inexpensive. We found that many airlines were running specials. 

We departed from Ft Lauderdale to Boston with both airports relatively empty. 

In a way, it is sad to see this as a reflection of our current reality, but realistically it made traveling very easy. 

Checking in with the airline and going through security was a breeze.

We flew with Jetblue and the service was great. They left on time, and on our flight, they kept all the middle seats open. They also provided each traveler with a bag filled with a bottle of water, snacks, hand wipes, and napkins. 

Most restaurants and stores were closed in the airports so if you do decide to travel, you should plan to eat before leaving home.

Travel to Maine, Pandemic Travel, COVID Travel Restrictions

Staying at a Hotel in Maine During COVID-19

The hotels that we selected to stay at did an awesome job with cleanliness!! 

Our check in and check out was completely touchless. 

Due to COVID 19 safety measures, there were no housekeeping services throughout the duration of our stay. The hotel cleans the rooms prior to your arrival and upon your checkout.

During our stay, we could request towels, sheets, or anything else that we needed and it was brought to us right away.

If having a housekeeping service is an important part of your vacation, you may want to factor that into your decision to travel. Currently, all hotels have suspended housekeeping services for the time being.

One of the hotels we stayed at was great for families! The hotel also had an adult-only pool and adult-only hot tub with a gorgeous sea view! I know this hotel would be wonderful for honeymoons or romantic getaways!

Seeing the Sights in Maine & Massachusetts

All the towns we’ve visited in Maine & Massachusetts were practicing social distancing with no issue and everyone wore masks both indoors AND outdoors. 

For dining out at the restaurants, establishments were seating at a 50% capacity.

If you were visiting a bar or pool you were able to take off your mask off after being seated. 

The town of Bar Harbor had free masks throughout the town. Very impressive. Go Bar Harbor!

Bar Harbor was our favorite town to visit! It’s charming and it has the beautiful Acadia National Park which provides plenty of outdoor activities!!

We were able to go on hikes and a Lighthouse tour by boat.  We enjoyed plenty of local treats like lobster rolls, blueberry mojitos, blueberry pies, and blueberry ice cream at every stop! The weather was a magnificent 68°-75° every day, which is a big change from South Florida.

Are you ready to travel during COVID-19?

If you’ve decided that you are ready to travel I can provide you with a list of states cross-referenced by their current COVID travel restrictions. Please >>> contact me here. There are so many beautiful places in the US to experience!

What about Traveling to Europe or abroad?

At this time U.S. citizens are not allowed to travel inside most of Europe, Asia, Africa.

The only country that is currently open to international travel is Croatia with some restrictions in place.

International tourists are not permitted entry to the US either.

Each country has a different policy with constantly changing measures in place as they try to keep their COVID 19 cases under control. 

Some Caribbean Islands are open to U.S. citizens but the flights are not ideal, with expensive rates,  long flight times, or multiple connections. 

As a certified travel agent, I have access to the list of islands which is currently welcoming U.S citizens along with their COVID restrictions.

***Click here to learn more about Covid-19 cases in Europe***

But, my highest recommendation would be to travel within the U.S. this year. 

There are so many amazing destinations right here in our own backyard.

Some of my favorites are Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard.

Colorado and Utah are both outdoor paradise with amazing National Parks and fantastic skiing.

Or visit Wyoming and Montana for a real Old West ranch experience.

If you are a fan of a warmer climate, there are gorgeous rock formations to see in Arizona.

Or if you’d like to experience a New England fall, I cannot recommend Maine & New Hampshire enough!!

Have questions about travel during COVID-19 or interested in planning your next amazing trip?

>>> Contact me now to book for Fall or Christmas! <<<

Travel to Maine, Pandemic Travel, COVID Travel Restrictions







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